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"Everse Marketing was excellent! He really helped me and my friend set up our audio and OBS for our podcast and when we ran into issues he was right there to help us through it! Highly recommend!"

Matt Small - PostToPost Podcast

Podcast Development 

Everse Marketing and our Audio Engineering Team will ensure that you have a profesional sounding and developed podcast. From start to finish, You will receive equiptment reccomensdatipons to hosting sites and pubnlication, Everse Marketing will guide you through it all.


Our experts will guide you through the entire podcast-making process. This includes an educated and methodical list of recommended equipment for your specific needs.

The number one leading cause for podcasts losing listeners is bad audio quality. That won't be the case for your podcast.

Whatever your budget is, our audio engineers will guide you in getting the best equipment for your podcast.

Sound Treatment

Sound quality is vital to a professional-sounding podcast. Differentiate yourself from the competition by having the best audio quality achievable. Sound treating products are required.

We go the extra mile and educates our clients on sound treating their podcast room; guiding you to a professional podcast.

Optimizing your recording room to be sound-treated will improve the frequency response and overall improve the sound of your podcast.


It may seem to be as simple as pressing record, but there are a vast amount of variables that go into the recording process. This overwhelming process will be explained fully.

Our team has expertise in multiple different DAW and recording software and can aid you in choosing which is best for you.

Whether your podcast will feature video elements, or solely be an audio podcast, Our Team will be able to execute.


Once your equipment is purchased, set up, and used in recording. We will supply an audio configuration to enhance your podcast's sound in order to be published onto listening platforms.

This process will also be explained to our clients. Picking the right hosting service is oftentimes confusing and overwhelming.

Your podcast will not only stand out from the competition but also published across all podcasting platforms.

Audio Signal Processing & Effects

Starting your podcast through Everse Marketing will not only guide you through the entire process, but will also supply studio grade audio presets for making your podcast sound its best.

Our team of Audio Engineers will hand craft the best settings, processing, and effects for your own unique voice.

We pride ourselves in our audio engineering abilities. We only use the most prestigue softwares including Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, and many more. Your podcast will sound and preform above the competition.

Podcasting Solutions